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In The Know Reports In only a month and a half, these guys built the greatest truck to ever exist
[10/19/18]   Check out Front End Friday’s post and vote for the RJ and Leigh Ann’s ‘55 Chevy.
For Sale: 2 sets of GM small block heads. Make me an offer! Message for more info.
Had to change the ignition lock cylinder out in the suburban. Come to find out the steering wheel lock pin is wore completely out too.
Towing is also available
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No wonder it was shifting hard...
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Gears & Shears's cover photo
Photos from Gears & Shears's post
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Tucker was helping work on the Camaro.
Working on the SS
Please take a moment out of your day and drive your hot rod in memory of Terry Tuckerman. Rest in peace. #hotrodsandthreads #rip
[04/05/16]   From Leigh Ann: I am sad to announce that I am taking a break from Shears. It has become too difficult to meet the scheduling needs of my clients while taking care of 2 children and working. RJ will still be at it with Gears, head to our website to schedule your oil change or detailing appointment today!
[03/30/16]   Spring is here! And so is the pollen... Don't hesitate to get your air filter replaced and your car detailed!
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New fire cooker ready to use!
Input shaft nut... DeesDeeZigns1 Check out one of our biggest supporter's etsy shop! High quality handbags and gifts!! #shopsmall #deesdeezigns Dees DeeZigns is back in business! Stop in often to view new items.
New ride for Tucker
Finding a leak in the trunk
New head gasket coming right up!
[10/28/15]   Ohhh, that felt good!! I got to do some color yesterday! I really need a shampoo bowl so I can start making that a regular service! I've missed it!
[10/21/15]   It's getting chilly out. Have Gears & Shears check your car and make sure it's ready.
Gears & Shears Check out our website!! HOME
Shears had a makeover! Call Leigh Ann to book an appointment today! 💇🏻
[09/06/15]   Leigh Ann is now available Monday thru Friday for haircuts! Hopefully our website will be up and running soon, you will be able to book appointments from there!
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[08/26/15]   "To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity"
Tucker is practicing his hair washing skills. 💆🏻
[08/21/15]   We've hit over 50 likes! Thanks for sharing, keep it up! Help get us some new business and get us to 100!! Book your haircut, tune up, or oil change today. Our website will be up and running very soon, you'll be able to book an appointment from there.

Also, if you've used us before, please review, we'd love to hear your feedback!
[08/19/15]   We are almost to 50 likes! Please share, help us out! :)
Tucker reaching for the tools
Thank you for the business Jim and Terri Henry.

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