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[09/05/20]   It's just hair - I got to be a part of your wedding!

It's just hair - I was there for your child's first haircut.

It's just hair - I was there for your first date.

It's just hair - I was there for your school dance .

It's just hair - I was there for their funeral.

It's just hair- I was there for your graduation.

It's just hair- I was there when you didn't like the way you looked.

It's just hair- when you are getting ready to interview for your dream job and we needed to get you a full makeover and pep talk

It's just hair- when all you wanted in the whole world is a hug from your hair stylist because you knew they'd give it to you with open arms!

It’s just hair- when you just found out your expecting and haven’t shared the news with anyone else yet

It's just hair- when you lost your job and didn't know what you were going to do

It's just hair- when you were getting a divorce and just needed to feel better about yourself.

It's just hair- when you had a terrible day and looked forward to being able to vent without being judged

It’s just hair- when I came in after hours to get your hair done before a last minute early morning flight to make it home in time to see a loved one before it’s too late

It's just hair- when you are about to go on vacation and can't wait to tell me all about it on your next visit

It's just hair- when you bought your very first home

It’s just hair - when I buzzed it all off and cried with you.

It's just hair ...

It's not "just hair" Never has been and never will be!


Unknown Author
[05/06/20]   Diva salon is compliant with the safety guidelines and restrictions for the reopening phase. So glad to be back doing what I love to do!
[02/21/20]   Just a reminder that I will be out of town from February 28th until March 10th. If you need to see me before I go, I have a few spots left available.
Silver with a peek of pink! ( hair was all as dark as the sides before ).

Exciting day at Diva Salon. Filming for a TV show in the salon and actually Sean Dempsey Mitchell got to be in the scene!!
Diva Salon's cover photo
[11/16/11]   I am loving the new look and equipment at the salon! Hope you all are doing well!
[06/15/10]   I just wanted to send out birthday greetings to Betsy Gray and Courtney Mansell!! Hope you both have Divalicious birthdays!!
[04/24/10]   Here's wishing a very Happy Birthday to Julie Slautterback!! Have an awesome day, my little DIVA!!
[04/15/10]   I would like to be the first to Wish Debbie Horner a Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! You Go Diva!!
[03/31/10]   I would like to Wish a Happy Birthday to Suzanne Bell!! Hope you have a very special day!!
[03/27/10]   Happy Birthday to two of my DIVAS...Dana Evans and Meg Hobby!! Hope you both have a very special day!!
[03/26/10]   I want to give special thanks to Greg Phipps for taking photos of the exterior and interior of the Salon to share with everyone on Facebook!!
[03/26/10]   DIVA spelled backwards, is AVID....We are AVID about customer care!!
[03/22/10]   Thought for the day...If CON is the opposite of PRO, then is it safe to say that CONgress is the opposite of PROgress?

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