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[08/05/13]   FREE MAKEOVERS:) anybody want one? I NEED PICS FOR MY PAGE :)
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i love the smokey eye :) its my fave
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Do you want a makeover? 7 Makeup Colors for Hazel Eyes ... do you have hazel eyes and wanna know how to make them pop? check out this website for beauty tip and more Finding the right makeup colors for hazel eyes isn't easy! Hazel eyes are so unique, so different and so pretty, it's hard to figure out exactly what colors go with these unique and different eyes! Well girls, I've got the top makeup colors for hazel eyes that will bring out the greens and grays tha... Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover - Try On Celebrity Hairstyles Online at InStyle Virtual hair and beauty makeover and make up games on! Try on shiny star hair, long hair, sexy hair, curly hair, wavy hair styles, straight haircuts, short hairstyles, party and prom hair, updos, wedding and bridal hairstyles.
[06/13/13]   hair tip for the day Keep It Straight Pixie cuts are most flattering on fine to medium-thick hair that’s straight, like Emma Watson's. “If your hair is coarse and curly, you can go short, but when you perspire or it’s humid, it can shrink up into a ball shape,”
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